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Welcome to the Future of Museums

Introducing Museum Traveller, new groundbreaking platform lets you explore museums, science and wildlife centers from your laptop or through VR glasses from anywhere, anytime.

Watch videos made in partnership with educators, curators, and museum directors, join live events and Q&A sessions, even enjoy games and quizzes!

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Museum Traveller is building the future of museums and science and wildlife centers, bringing virtual reality as a new way for museums and institutions from around the world to share their knowledge with anyone.

Virtual Reality

We use the best cameras on the market, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to build 134 megapixels high-quality realistic 3D Virtual 3D spaces that provide an immersive visitor’s experience and a sense of actually being at a museum.


Our virtual tours are completely accessible online anywhere, anytime. This Virtual experience lets you explore these places in amazing detail like never before – including exploring interiors of museums and displays in Virtual Reality, which was previously impossible without physically going there (at this level of detail).

Engaging Content

What is most important to us is the quality of our platform and the content it will feature: high-resolution photos and videos made in partnership with educators and curators, quizzes and games, multilingual support, live events, and Q&A sessions.

Press Inquiries

If you need to contact the team about press releases or interviews, email us at the address below:

Seattle, Washington

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